Media & Docs

Presentations from AMAI 2019 Conference

Additive Manufacturing (178 MB) - Carlos Mougueira, Trumpf
Design Driven Innovation (2,89 MB) - José Rui Marcelino, Alma Design
Driving Innovation (1,36 MB) - Luís Carneiro, INESC-TEC
Electric-vehicle adoption (1,10 MB) - Tiago Farias, Carris
Industrial Robotics (40,5 MB) - Miguel Ayala Botto, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, IDMEC
Internationalization of the National Research and Innovation System (987 KB) - Eduardo Maldonado, National Innovation Agency (ANI)
Laser Applications in e-Mobility (4,84 MB) - Johannes J. Buhrle
Li-ion Batteries: challenges and opportunities (698 KB) - Fernanda Margarido, IN+/LARSyS
Project Fuel Cell Bus (96,8 MB) - Jorge Pinto, Caetano Bus
Sheet-Bulk Forming and Joining (11 MB) - Paulo Martins, Institute of Mechanical Engineering, IDMEC
Surface Engineering (2,53 MB) - João Dias, Instituto Pedro Nunes
The Opportunities and Threats of Artificial Intelligence (15,3 MB) - Arlindo Oliveira, IST/INESC-ID

Videos from AMAI 2019

Teaser of the 1st Academia Meets Auto-Industry conference

Faurecia: Teaser of the Cockpit of the Future project

Siemens: Digital Enterprise – Seizing the opportunities

Bosch Car Multimedia: Teaching the car how to drive

Denso: thermal management of battery electric vehicles (BEVs)

MCG: metal-based assemblies and subsystems for the auto-industry

EFACEC: the future of electric mobility starts here

Trumpf: TruPrint 3D Printer