Foundry on Wheels
@ Congress Center for Innovation and Technology N. Mahalingam

The Centre for Inovation and Technology N. Mahalingam (CITNM) organizes the congress Foundry On Wheels, aiming to bring together car manufacturers and suppliers to discuss and align R&D initiatives. The congress lasts 2 days, consisting of 3 sessions of presentation of themes and debate (1st Advanced Materials and Technology / 2nd Product Development / 3rd Body in White) and a visit to an industrial partner.

Academia Meets Auto-Industry 2019
@ IST Lisboa - Sal√£o Nobre

The program is organized in thematic sessions, structured around keynote presentations given by national and international experts from the industry and the scientific community, who will bring the state of the art in the diverse aspects related with the future of car industry, advanced materials and manufacturing processes and paradigms of mobility, including environmental concerns.